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Hello and welcome everyone to my web-site. Griffith Swans Archive. This site, though unofficial is dedicated to the history of the Griffith Swans "Aussie Rules" Football / Netball Club. It is just my way of attempting to keep the history of this club alive, and as a fan of fifty years it is my little past time. All the information on this site is what I have gathered over the years from books, programmes, newspaper clippings, photo's and talking to older players, supporters and my own memories. Within the pages you will find a historical data base of Griffith Swans, including details of almost every competitive match played, along with the coaches, players, officials and many others who have served the club over the seasons from 1914 to the present day.
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Inevitably, with so much information gathering in one place, there are bound to be errors and omissions and I apologise for these. Please contact me email or phone (02) 6964 2251 if you have any corrections and/or additional information.

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Centenary News
Despite the most intensive research we cannot be absolutely sure of the actual date of our formation. But we do know that it was in 1914 and we are quite certain that we are going to celebrate our centenary in style.
A series of centenary events is planned from April, 2014. The centenary match itself is on Friday evening April 25th, when our Griffith sides will play near neighbour Leeton-Whitton - the Whitton Club being our first opponent on May 9th, 1914.
The centenary match apart, a series of events are planned, beginning with a banquet/dinner in the Griffith Ex-Servicemen's Club on Saturday evening April 26th where a team of the centenary will be announced.
It all starts this year - we'll keep you informed on dates and times. We are about to become 100 years-old and we want you to share our delight.
For any further centenary information please contact Club president Jeff Harris (mobile) 0427 647 987, (email)   jeffh@officechoicegriffith.com.au or  Bob Spears on (02) 6964 5695.


 The Area News

11/04/14 - Match preview Turvey Park vs Griffith

19/02/14 - Gruelling pre-season has Swans on track - Coach

14/02/14 - Sam Kekovich to help Swans celebrate centenary

03/02/14 - Swans mark centenary with special guernsey 

Fred Gambell will be  one former Griffith Swans footballer who will be attending  the centenary celebrations.
RFL Round 1 - Saturday April 12, 2014 at Maher Oval
Turvey Park ... 2.4 .. 3.5 .. 7.7 .. 8.9 (57)
Griffith ........... 3.1 .. 4.4 .. 5.9 .. 7.13 (55)
Goals: Turvey Park: J Brooks 2, T Gaynor 2, T Cunningham, C Grintell, M Hartley, L Vivian
Griffith: J Toscan 4, M Griffiths 2, B McRae 
Griffith's opening season encounter against Turvey Park at Maher Oval got off to a disappointing start with Swans going down by two points to Chris Cerato's side.
The game was very fairly evenly contested with a punch or two thrown that gave both sets of fans plenty to talk about.
Griffith started the game with Michael Griffiths (Angaston), Ryan Bulless (Jeparit-Rainbow) and Ben Byrne (Picola United) making their competitive debuts, whilst Joel Hourigan (Charles Sturt University) coming off the bench early in the game. The Peruzzi trio Daniel, Luke and Mathew were playing their first senior game together on the same day.
The opening two quarters was fairly evenly matched with Griffith if anything, having the better of the exchanges.
However, the home side seized the initiative after the half time break with a goal to Jack Brooks from just outside the 50 metre line at the 2nd minute. Turvey now had the bit between their teeth and kicked goals in the 10th, 12th and 18th minutes while James Toscan at the 14th minute replied for Swans only goal of the term.
The visitors had lots of possession during the final term and paid the ultimate price through their wayward field kicking. Towards the end Dean Crack and Mick Duncan had chances to reverse the final score but both sliced their shots wide of the big sticks.
Turvey Park's coach Chris Cerato was a happy man at the final siren while Brandon Mathews said that defeat is a hard one to take as he felt his side deserved to take something from the game even if they played terrible at times.
Turvey Park: B Bryce, J Fletcher, T Doyle; J Donaldson, A Emery, C Cerato; J Cunningham, M Ness, T Rowley; T Gaynor, L Vivian, D Downes; J Hayes, C Grintell, J Brooks; D Fellows, J Ashcroft, M Hartley; T Cunningham, L Beard, L Macrae, S Davies
Griffith: B McRae, G Snaidero, R Malone; C Jenkins, J Taylor, J Gastin; T Matheson, J Fallon, D Peruzzi; R Bulless, J Toscan, T Webb; B Byrne, T Richards, D Crack; M Griffiths, G Orton, M Duncan; L Peruzzi, M Peruzzi, J Hourigan, D Dunbar
Umpires: T Beard, G Hodgins (4 out of 5)
Reserves: Turvey Park 13.12 (90) d Griffith 6.9 (45)
Under 17: Turvey Park 21.15 (141) d Griffith 4.5 (29) 
RFL Senior Ladder
Pos Pld Pts
1 Coolamon 1 4
2 Mangoplah-CUE 1 4
3 Leeton-Whitton 1 4
4 Turvey Park 1 4
5 Wagga Tigers 0 0
6 Griffith 1 0
7 Narrandera 1 0
8 Collingullie-AK 1 0
9 Ganmain-GGM 1 0

 RESULTS - Round 1
Mangoplah-CUE 17.11 (113)
Collingullie-AK 10.12 (72)

Narrandera 9.5 (59)
Leeton-Whitton 14.11 (95)

Coolamon 17.13 (115)
Ganmain-GGM 11.5 (71)

Wagga Tigers bye

FIXTURES - Round 2
Friday April 25
Wagga v Collingullie-AK
Griffith v Leeton-Whitton

Saturday April 26
GGGM v Turvey Park
Mangoplah-CUE v Coolamon
Narrandera bye
Riverina FNL
Griffith Swans
R Date  0pponents V
1 Sat Apr 12 Turvey Park a
. Sat  "    19 General bye .
2  Fri   "    25 Leeton-Whitton (n) h
3 Sat May 3 Wagga Tigers a
4 Sun   "    11 Coolamon a
5 Sat   "   17 Mangoplah-CUE (n) h
. Sat  "    24 Rep. Picola SW vs RFL at Toc.
6 Sat  "    31 Ganmain-GGM (p) h
7 Sat Jun 7 Narrandera (n) a
8 Sat   "  14 Bye .
9 Sat  "  21 Collingullie-AK h
10 Sun  "  29 Turvey Park h
11 Sat  Jul 5 Leeton-Whitton a
12 Sat  "  12 Wagga Tigers h
13 Sat  "  19 Coolamon h
14 Sat  "  26 Mangoplah-CUE a
15 Sun Aug 3 Ganmain-GGM a
16 Sun  "  10 Narrandera h
17 Sat  " 16 Bye .
18 Sat  " 23 Collingullie-AK a

South West JFNL
Griffith Swans White
R Date Opponents V
1 Sat Apr 5 Griffith Swans Red a
2 Sat  "   12 Temora a
. Sat  "  19 General bye .
3 Sat  "   26 Narrandera h
4 Sat May 3 Coleambally a
5 Sat  "   10 Northern Jets a
6 Sat  "   17 Leeton-Whitton h
7 Sat  "   24 Northern Jets h
8 Sat  "   31 Ganmain-GGM h
. Sun Jun 1  SWJFNL vs NRFNL .
. Sat  "    7 General bye .
9 Sat  "  14 Narrandera a
10 Sat  "  21 Ganmain-GGM a
11 Sat  "  28 Coleambally h
. Sat Jul 5 General bye .
12 Sat Jul 12 Temora h
13 Sat  "   19 Griffith Swans Red h
14 Sat  "  26 Leeton-Whitton a

South West JFNL
Griffith Swans Red
R Date Opponents V
1 Sat Apr 5 Griffith Swans White h
2 Sat  "   12 Coleambally a
Sat  "   19 General bye .
3 Sat  "   26 Leeton-Whitton h
4 Sat May 3 Northern Jets a
5 Sat  "   10 Narrandera a
6 Sat  "   17 Coleambally h
7 Sat  "   24 Ganmain-GGM h
8 Sat  "   31 Narrandera h
. Sun Jun 1 SWJFNL vs NRFNL .
. Sat  "   7 General bye .
9 Sat  "   14 Temora a
10 Sat  "   21 Leeton-Whitton a
11 Sat  "   28 Temora h
. Sat Jul 5 General bye .
12 Sat  "   12 Northern Jets h
13 Sat  "   19 Griffith Swans White a
14 Sat  "   26 Ganmain-GGM a

Griffith F.C. - SWDFL Runners-up 1971
Back row: Jim Ryan (trainer), John Candusso, John Foley, Ian Wade, Phillip Smith, Richard Dalwood, Wayne Robins, Malcolm Brauman, John Higgins, Bruce Forbes, Sid Robins, Keith Thompson (selector), David Hall (boundary umpire).
Front row: Bill Hardie (trainer), Ralph Robins, Robert Prenzel, George Duncan, Garry Owen, Ron Russell (c-c), Garry Parslow, Darryl Collis, Noel Evans, Garry Gardner, Richard Milne, Bob Firth (trainer).



Let us all shout hooray
to all who play to-day,
Let's be bright and gay
that's the only way,
Give our boys a cheer
to help them win the game,
When they win, should they lose
cheer them just the same,
They are the hope of all
the Griffith fans today,
Help them on their way,
make them bright and gay,
Let us give three cheers to Griffith
and shout hip, hip hooray.